Koch Chiropractic Center Helping You Get Back Into Life!
Koch Chiropractic CenterHelping You Get Back Into Life!

Disc Problems

We utilize specialized motorized traction tables in our office to both prevent and fix disc related problems. This gentle traction helps to get people back on their feet fast!

Neck Pain and related issues


We've been able to help people with Migraines, occipital headaches, stress headaches and even sinus headaches that come with seasonal allergies. 

Upper Back Pain

Do you get that upper back pain that seems to go up into your neck? Is it difficult to turn your head? It quite possibly is a neck problem that responds well to our care.

Some of the most common conditions we help:

  •  Low back Pain and hip pain
  •  Leg pain and sciatica
  •  Knee, foot and ankle pain
  •  Groin and Pelvic Pain
  •  Tinnitis and vertigo
  •  TMJ pain
  •  Radiating pain from the neck into the arm
  •  Shoulder Pain
  •  Scapular (upper back) pain
  •  Elbow and carpal tunnel issues

Do you have questions about our services?

Contact us at 856 582-7800 856 582-7800 or via our contact form.

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