Koch Chiropractic Center Helping You Get Back Into Life!
Koch Chiropractic CenterHelping You Get Back Into Life!

Welcome to Koch Chiropractic

   We understand that many people desire to go to the chiropractor, but might be a little intimidated or nervous because they don't know much about what happens in a chiropractic office. The purpose of this website is to show prospective new patients that your first office visit at Koch Chiropractic is safe, effective and gentle experience that usually ends with our new patients saying "I should have done this a long time ago!"

   Our mission is to help our patients regain their health and vitality through natural, drug-free Chiropractic care.  Too many times people go through life with aches, pains and illnesses that keep them from doing the things that were once a normal part of their day.  Our goal is to help our patients lives their lives with no limitations.

   We have been helping people in the Washington Township area for over 20 years. When people feel that their "back goes out," we've been there to help using the best combination of gentle care for those who need it, and "old school" hands on chiropractic for those who like to be adjusted that way too! We treat each person using the best technique for them.




Whether your goals are to toil in the soil of your garden, pick up your grandchildren without "paying for it" later, compete in triathlon, or just get through the workday without falling apart; our goals are simple.  We want you to achieve your goals!


We have a long history of helping our patients get the most out of life.  We treat patients of all ages with all different problems.  As an athlete and a parent, Dr.Koch enjoys the challenges of treating athletic injuries, and also takes great pride in helping children, parents, and workers get well.




Have you been involved in a car accident? The injuries sustained in car accidents often worsen over time. Come see us to get well! We help the victims of car accidents every day. Don't wait to start the healing process. Call us at 856-582-7800 to schedule and appointment.


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