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             Vaccine Myths vs. Facts 

There is a reason the vaccine safety debate hasn't gone away and won't be over any time soon. Here, I will separate the facts from the claims from boths sides of the vaccine debate. 

Welcome to the vaccine - "Uncommon knowledge" style.

My Vaccine Story

I was vaccinated as a child in the 1960's, as most kids were. Stories of "Polio" were still fresh in many people's minds. Parents wanted the best for their kids then as they do now, so they didn't question the blanket policy that "vaccination is always good."  Then in the 1980's, I began to hear stories about how the DPT shot was making kids sick. Seriously sick. No one I personally knew was injured, but the media covered the stories of those who were injured and the many doctors claimed that the vaccine was dangerous and refused to vaccinate their patients..


When I was a kid, I was skeptical of the claims made about the benefits of chiropractic. What changed my mind about chiropractic came with my first physical meltdown I suffered as a teenager.  All the treatment, medicine and advice that came from my family medical doctor had no effect on my condition. In fact, I got worse.  After suffering for weeks, I put my fears and prejudice behind me and broke down and went to my local chiropractor. Within an hour of walking in the door of his office, I was 80% better. Within 3 weeks of that visit, I had learned enough about bow the body works and chiropractic heals to decide that being a chiropractor would be how I would help people and how I would change the world for the better. 


I quickly regretted the things I had said about chiropractic before that first visit because they came from a place of ignorance. I repeated myths that I eventually learned had no basis in fact and science, but were really part of an organized misinformation campaign being waged against chiropractic.


I still tend to be a skeptic. If an issue affects me or the people I care about, I ignore the hype and media driven message. I look at the claims from both sides of the debate. I read the science that's been done, and question the science that hasn't been done. I will share with you what I have learned in my 25+ years of researching vaccines.  I'm not here to tell you what to do, but if you choose to vaccinate or not vaccinate, you should be armed with all the facts about the benefits and risks of the diseases and the vaccines, not just the industry approved "facts."

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