Koch Chiropractic Center Helping You Get Back Into Life!
Koch Chiropractic CenterHelping You Get Back Into Life!

New Temporary Office Hours. We are adding hours to the schedule!

Monday 8:30-12 36
Wednesday 8:30-12, 3-6
Friday 8:30-12, 36

Updated Covid-19 Safety Measures

Steps we have implemented to keep our staff and patients healthy. (3/22/2020)
1. The front door gets sterilized every time a patient touches it. In and out.
2. No more sign-in sheet or clipboards. You only touch the sterilized keypad of the credit card machine if that's how you pay.
3. Waiting room forced social distancing if you need to wait. Which we do everything we can to make sure you don't need to. Most patients are sent right back to an adjusting room.
4. Depending on the type of adjustment you get, parts of me touch parts of you. If that's the case, I wear a one use gown.
5. Lots of hand washing! No more bow ties for me for the year. I'm scrubbing all the way up!
6. Table sterilization after every visit.
7. We are asking patients to make appointments so that we don't get backed up. Less people in the office at any one time is our goal.

We also ask you to follow recommended guidelines. If you are coughing and sick. Stay home! If you have a fever. Stay home!

We will maintain these procedures as we continue to serve the needs of our patients.


Staying healthy in the Corona Virus scare

What are you to do when a new virus comes along which may make you sick? Rest assured, there are things you should do to minimize your risk of getting seriously ill. Watch this video from our YouTube channel to learn more. 

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